Hey guys im back. I havent been on in such a long time and i apologize, things have been kinda busy but im back.

Just coming on to give you some updates. Im currently in protective styling mode. IMG_2480

I put my braids in myself on the 3rd of January and plan to keep them in till the end of January.

I’m also going to incorporate a wig into my hair regimine for the first time eeek. I’m also very excited for that.

In my absence i’ve been thinking about more things to incorporate into my blog such as featuring other blogs or youtube channels, fintess and health peices etc. but more on that to come later on.

Heres hoping everyone has an awsome new year.

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  • MumNatural
    January 11, 2016

    Was wondering where you were!!

    Welcome back and happy new year to you too

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