Tales of St.Marts #FeatureFriday

On a beautiful Caribbean Island, bizarre events and characters intersect under the ominous presence of a mysterious science facility, in Nicole Georges-Bennett’s “Tales of St.Marts”; a collection of fantasy genre short stories. View post

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VGUR Custom Jewelry

When Vanessa Winston of VGUR Custom Jewelry  reached out to me commenting that she noticed a lack of custom pieces in my photographs I was instantly intrigued. I love jewelry in all forms but hand-made custom jewelry has a special place in my heart. View post

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Mini Haul 04/07/17

Welcome back lovelies. To commemorate the second quarter of the year ( and because I was running out of items) I decided to have a mini haul. The first up is my simple to kind skin light moisturizer. I mentioned this before in my June favorites and I just had to restock. The light fresh formula simply melts ...

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Hello July

Hello July, you are finally here. I don’t know about you all but June felt ENDLESS. We are officially into the second quarter of 2017.Traditionally July is looked at as the official beginning of summer for those of us in the Caribbean. Schools let out …employees file for vacation and the atmosphere is decidedly lighter. ...

June Delights #Friday Faves

It's the final day of June and we are also in the end of the first quarter of 2017. So far I can say that I am enjoying all the opportunities that this year has brought my way. Now on to my faves for this month. View post

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Bella Scott A Dominican MUA on the Rise

I first came across Courtney Destouche or Bella Toto Scott when I was introduced to the Facebook group The Glow Down Dominica. Of course as a self proclaimed makeup enthusiast I was intrigued and my fascination grew when I was introduced to the first live video of her 'beating her face to the gawdssss'. View post

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#FeatureFriday Ft Rianna Patterson

Introduce yourself: (Name, age, location, what you do) share as much as you feel comfortable with.* My name is Rianna Patterson, I am 19 years old from Picard and I am the founder of the Dominica Dementia Foundation.   What made you go natural? How long have you been natural? I have always been ridiculed for being natural, that ...