#OneOnOne ft. Sherma Alfred

Hello all its so great to be back from my mini hiatus and bring you this #OneOnOne with the one and only Sherma Alfred of Caribbean Beauty Salon and Clinic.


You have many titles, cosmetologist, trichologist but if you had to describe yourself who you say is Sherma Alfred?


I would say Sherma Alfred is someone who represents anything beauty. Beauty in terms of your personality, the physical aspect and of course your hair!


How did you get involved in trichology?


First of all I was a hair dresser, I started doing hairdressing at 14, working on a Saturday with Annette green, Sandra bob some of our local rebound stylists and from there I went to college in Trinidad and studied cosmetology for a year and then went back for 4 years to do advanced training in cosmetology. I came back, opened a small salon at home and my passion for my field led me to trichology as it dealt with the medical part of hair. I made it my point of duty to peruse that and I did. I went to the us, Atlanta Georgia, at the national trichology training institute for a year and studied there.


What do you wish hair stylists in Dominica would focus on more?


I think just the basic knowledge of what is hair. There’s a science in hair, in the products that we use on hair. My wish is that they would take more time to educate themselves on the science of hair. Most of us see hair as just this thing on our head but hair is much more than that. It is actually cells so when you think of the cells in our body hair is a continuation of what’s on the inside so t manipulate it is to find out what it is.


I know you were around when the natural hair phenomenon as a person involved in hair what does that mean to you?


It was quite interesting to me. I myself am natural even though I wear weaves or wigs. I would not say that I was so much affected by the movement because more than how you wear your hair the important thing for me is healthy hair. So weather you decide to wear it natural or relaxed my goal is to make sure that you have healthy hair. I focus more on that.


If you had to give your top three makeup tips what would they be?


You have to have a good foundation. And I don’t mean the makeup foundation I’m talking about your skin, so your health is #1. You have to drink a lot of water because people use moisturizer on their face but the moisture comes from within. You also need your skin to produce its natural oils that’s what helps to reduce wrinkles and acne and so on. So what you eat your diet is #1.

Number two would be  choosing the right product that means knowing the type of skin you have, there is oily dry and combination so knowing what your skin type is is important in choosing makeup.

And number three, less is more especially in the Caribbean


If you had to name your greatest accomplishments career wise what would it be?


I would say first trichologist in the region would be my greatest accomplishment as it has afforded me the opportunity to share my knowledge.


What has been your greatest challenge this far in your careet?


We have very limited resources in Dominica and so when I came back setting up a clinic to be able to function as a tricologist in Dominica was very difficult, in terms of physical resources and funding.


Do you think it’s a field that is respected in Dominica?


I would say that among my clients and even some physicians that are my clients it is respected but not a lot of people know about it so it would be unfair to say that its not respected.


If you had to give advice to a younger Sherma what would it be?


Persistence is key, you have to know what you want and be passionate and persistent about it, no one gives you handouts so creep before you walk, have patience and love for it and you can accomplish anything.


Can you give three facts about yourself that people would be surprise to know

1 I’m a foodie

2 I’m very ambitious

3 I love to sleep sleep is my second passion

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