Hello November

Welcome back to all my loves and of course to my new readers. I am so excited to be back blogging and sharing with you all. As you can see we’ve been gone for a while but we are back and definitely better.

This first post is really just to let all of you know what’s going to be going on, on my site.  As my long time readers can see there is greater ease in viewing my content as well as navigation on the page following the upgrade, but as for what I would like my readers to experience… that is something else.

WWW.THEKSCHRONICLES.COM is all about exposing my readers to interesting and engaging pieces of content on a regular basis (MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY), in the various areas of lifestyle, health, natural hair, fashion etc.

What I really want is to provide a platform where my readers feel like they can engage me and not feel like they are being judged or feel like they have to hold back.

I will definitely love getting the input of my readers as well as ideas and critiques.

This first post is not long but I still hope that you enjoyed it. Be sure to leave your questions comments and observations in the comments below and share this post or tell someone about it.

P.S My country Dominica has been celebrating independence so I thought I’d hit you with some National wear. Xoxo


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