Hello March

Hi loves were already into the third month of this New Year. For me the newness of 2016 is wearing off fast. However I’m glad to say that so far for the New Year many of the tasks I set out for myself have proven successful others not so much.

To start off when it comes to personal goals an important thing I made myself learn is to Prioritize. To me this is essential as major changes defiantly need to be made in small doses as too much at one time can lead to failure which I learned right off the bat.

One of my main goals was being productive every day. This may not seem like a lot but to me being productive every day means that can look back and say that i was doing everything in my power to achieve my dreams.

My second goal was being happy. Yes just being happy. Not concerning myself with the opinions of others or limiting myself because of circumstance but living every day like it’s my last. Life is too short to be unhappy.

The final goal was just doing my best to bring happiness and joy wherever I go. Too often we don’t realize the importance and impact we have on others. Sometimes a kind word and smile goes such a long way.

So for the Month of March all I want to do is keep living up to my goals and hopefully add another one to the roster as well which is personal growth. I’ve come to the realization that I do have some more growing up to do. As a 22 year old I’ve just barely started being an adult but I’ve decided I want to be a good one. Taking more control over my life by not procrastinating and being diligent in my responsibility is a major step that I’ve decided to undertake for this month.

I really did not mean for this post to be so long but I hope you enjoyed it and were inspired in some way. Xo

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