Hello July

Hello July, you are finally here. I don’t know about you all but June felt ENDLESS. We are officially into the second quarter of 2017.

Traditionally July is looked at as the official beginning of summer for those of us in the Caribbean. Schools let out …employees file for vacation and the atmosphere is decidedly lighter. July is also the month that boasts the birthstone is the ruby. Rubies symbolize success, devotion, and integrity. July also has the birth flower, the water lily, which symbolize purity of heart.



Personally, the second quarter of the month for me is a chance to reflect on what I have accomplished for the first half of the year as well as look to what I can achieve going forward. I can safely say that I feel somewhat satisfied with what I have been able to accomplish.




So far for this year I can definitely say that I am impressed with the level of networking I was able to achieve. Now this may not seem like much to most but one of my all time heroes Madeline Bell, president and CEO of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), once said “Networking is an essential part of advancing your career.” And a truer statement could not have been uttered. In my line of business networking is essential and very significant to my work. I’m so blessed to have been given so many opportunities to mingle and get to know individuals from various social circles.




I can also say that I have taken more of an interest in developing my passions. There is no doubt that passion adds meaning to life. Without developing that passion chances are that you will end up working only for money and although money is great and can buy us all the things that will temporarily make us happy, no amount of money can buy time. Time is our most valuable asset and it is something, that while on this earth, we should spend most wisely. You shouldn’t feel like you’re mindlessly wasting your life away which is what happens when you do not follow your passion. I have actively been better managing my time in order to maximize each day so I have the time to develop my passion. I research, ask questions and challenge myself to come up with something new every day.



Chinese Symbol for Patience


Keeping within the realm of reflection I’ve also found myself maturing more and more into an adult. I’ve come to the realization that adult life is one that requires a lot of patience and self discipline. Patience is not a strong suit of mine (ask anyone) but I’ve been adopting methods of dealing with having to wait whether it be for something long or short term. I KEEP BUSY. Every day I try to accomplish what I have set out for myself on my to do list and keep reminding myself that working smart and hard will get me to my destination. As it relates to self discipline life has recently been teaching me hard lessons on why it is essential to maintain good self discipline above all.


As to goals for 2017 there are several things I would like to accomplish both for my blog and personal life. I have set dates and timelines to each of the goals that I want to achieve and made up my mind to keep going no matter what.

What are some of your refection’s and future goals for the second quarter of the year ?



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  • Meet Courtney
    July 3, 2017

    First off, I loved this post. Your level of realness & truth is incredible.

    Secondly, You are so right about time being our most valuable asset. A movie that has always resonated with me concerning this topic is called “In Time”. It is about a society whose currency is seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc. You should totally check it out.

    Lastly, as far as reflections go, I think this month one of the biggest things I am trying to work on internally is making the most out of each day. Putting on a more positive attitude, allowing things that are in the past to remain in the past, and to look forward each day!

    Good luck with your July goals!! xx

    • Kerdisha St. Louis
      July 3, 2017

      I’ve seen that movie so I know exactly what you mean….I wish you the best of luck in your June goals….just keep at it and the positive attitude and productivity will become second nature.

  • Daniela Soriano
    July 4, 2017

    Your blog is beautiful!!


  • Merlz
    July 4, 2017

    I really enjoy reading this article. I am welcoming July for two reasons, one, because it’s my birth month and also a time to reflect on the progress I have made thus far.

    You are so right about working towards your passion. I used the first day of the month to outline my game changer for the rest of the year and to assess whether I was in line with my goal.

    Re networking: this is extremely important in your line of work. I am constantly trying to build my network. I wish you all the best. It can be challenging at times but nothing good comes easily.

    • Kerdisha St. Louis
      July 4, 2017

      Thank you so much for reading ….I always enjoy new quarters as sort of a mini new year a chance to do better and accomplish all my goals . Good luck with your game changer and goals and keep up the good work expanding your network <3

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