Hello August

As we enter  August the eighth month of 2017 the main thought in my head is constancy, consistency, consistency.

Looking back at 2017 so far I can see the progress that I have made in the various projects and plans that are ongoing in my life but most importantly I see the shortcomings. I’ve learned that as we get older it is more important to recognize our failures as well as realize that it is up to us to resolve them.

What are my Goals for August?



Plan better

We all think that we have our lives under control. Whether it be financially, personally or otherwise but lets face it, most of us are not doing half the things we say we want to do. So for this month I am buckling down on planning and scheduling so I can be more efficient and productive. Ive made to do lists for all the important aspects of my life and have set goals and deadlines for myself which I believe are attainable.



Be More Self-Motivated/Disciplined

I have realized that I am getting in the habit of depending on others when it comes to motivation to get my butt in gear to do what I have to do as well as to keep doing what I have to do. I realize that this is a dangerous habit and I need to become more self dependent when it comes to motivation and discipline. Ive started giving myself daily pep talks. I say positive affirmations, i do some slight meditation and sometimes I just pray. With that bit of kick-start power I find myself blasting through my daily talks.  I hope to keep this habit for the foreseeable future.




Speak Less Listen More

This is an old Chinese saying that basically means those who sit in silence can learn and grow from the noise around them. A lot of the times we find ourselves in situations that could have been avoided if we had just taken a moment to think before reacting or had just listened better. You also gain quite a lot of insight when you listen to others and it makes them more inclined to speak to you.

What are some of your goals for this month?

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