#OneonOne Ft. Pearl Fontaine-Butler

Happy Tuesday all!!! The much anticipated next installment of my #OneOnOne series is finally here. I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed this interview with the eloquent and lovely Pearl Fontaine Butler.


Before you ask me anything… let me just say how grateful I am that you would consider me a subject of your blog. I have watched you grow and blossom over the past few years into an amazing young woman.  Truth be told, I’m actually excited about this interview… okay I’m done!


If you were asked to sum up who is Pearl in one sentence, what would you say?

Hmm… In one sentence!? Let me think… (**takes a deep breath) I would say Pearl is a spiritual being living in a natural world who, at her innermost core is love, for she exudes love and light in every aspect of her life.


From news presenting, news reading, professional makeup artist, radio host, image consultant and more you have quite a bit of experience under your belt. Which would you say is truly your passion?

You know recently someone asked me, Pearl what do you do? My response was simple… I give love. In everything I do, I give love! I do it with love. I’m happy to be alive, I’m grateful that in a world where unemployment rates are glaring, economies are sometimes unstable; I’m working and not only that, I’m able to create opportunities for myself. So with that, whether a gift, or an opportunity is before me, there is always a passion within me to do it well.


Who or what can you say has been the biggest influence in your life?

Believe it or not… GOD has been the biggest influence in my life. I promise, I won’t take you to church… (**giggles) With each new day, this fact becomes more evident. In retrospect, there has never been a time where GOD hasn’t been boldly present in my life to the point where, even if I wanted to ignore Him, that would NOT be possible. One of the greatest characteristics I love about GOD is the fact that He is all knowing. He knows my end from my beginning and because of this, He knew to bless me with an amazingly beautiful and selfless mother who influences me in many ways, a woman of strength and integrity who finds the beauty in everything and everyone and the most loving and dedicated grandparents ever and to top that off a supportive husband and tight knit family unit.


Looking back at a time when you were at your lowest point in your life…what got you through it?

Wow! You are having me dig deep. Well, I can think of a few low points in my life. My faith got me through each time. During those times, there were moments when I’d hear GOD say, “Babygirl, there’s only one way from here and that’s UP.” This is where the epiphany takes place, I’m drying my tears and I’m on my knees asking Him for direction.


I would consider you a role model to young aspiring media professionals, what advice would you give to those wanting to pursue the field?

Why thank you! This is a great field to pursue. Let me tell you though, prior to relocating to Dominica from New York City and landing a gig at GIS, I worked behind the scenes at ABC’s Good Morning America. I also worked with Gayle King, Oprah Winfrey’s best friend on their Oprah Live Shows.  I frequented the NBC studios and had a few stints at FOX news, all as a makeup artist. There is nothing GOD can’t do! I remember distinctly, when I stepped foot in those studios, GOD said, “What you think you are here for is not what I sent you there for. Learn as much as you can.” And so my journey in media began.  Two things… first, landing a job in media, doesn’t mean you should automatically be placed on air… My advice would be to learn as much as you can from all aspects of ‘media’, whether it’s newswriting, reporting, presenting, producing, etc.

Observe, listen, practice, record yourself and be open to constructive criticism until you discover what your strengths and weaknesses are. Knowing your strengths will allow you to be more productive and as for whatever weaknesses you may have, just knowing them will help you manage them more effectively.  Secondly, be prepared for the transformation that comes with being a media professional. Do not fight the process of becoming refined. I read recently in a book written by Theron Dumont that if you want to be successful you must be liberal. You must acquire all the knowledge that you can and you must be well equipped in every area of your chosen field. Such a person achieves success.

The secret of success is to try always to improve yourself no matter where you are or what your position is. I say learn all you can. Don’t see how little you can do, but how much you can do. Such a person will always be in demand, that person then establishes a reputation of being a hustler.


From studying Bio Chemistry and Psychology, to now being in a profession that is so opposite and diverse must be quite an interesting transition, how did it happen?

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” This quote by Charles Darwin has always spoken volumes to me in terms of being adaptable to change, although he and I hardly share the same view on the topic of evolution. I recognize change is an ever constant in our lives, something I am not fearful of.

My thought processes are relatively positive so transitioning for me is always an exciting yet introspective period.  I’m always open to experiencing the new and to learning, because out of that comes growth. I mentioned GOD having a huge influence in my life earlier but I didn’t say why. Here’s why, when it became clear to me that GOD does everything according to a pattern and based on a principle, I understood that my life was not my own and in that, whatever I did, was strategically orchestrated by GOD. Yes, I have the will to choose, however, there are times where I’m aware that I am not operating of my own volition. It is the Hand of God, over my life. I live intentionally, and in alignment with GOD’s plan for me.

The transition from NY to Dominica though, was indeed quite interesting (**chuckles). I’ve been blessed with many wonderful people along my journey.  When I interviewed for a position at GIS, both the then Minister for Telecommunications, Ambrose George and the former Senior Information Officer at GIS, Mervin Paul, said, “we literally just spoke about hiring someone for the newsroom and here you are.”  Right here, I saw how my steps were already ordered. Amazing isn’t it!


As one of the most prolific makeup artists on island, can you comment on your favorite makeup trend of 2016?

I’m a girly-girl. I’ve always loved a well-defined eyebrow, immaculate skin and makeup, although I don’t wear much of it myself. I have always felt that makeup should be used to enhance ones natural beauty and if used correctly you can achieve a flawless and natural finish.  If you know me well, you know I don’t necessarily follow trends. Don’t get me wrong, as a professional, I’m aware of the many fleeting trends out there and as I study the fields I exude love and light in, let me tell you, I’m not swayed because I’m in tune with my spirit and I always do what I know is right.


I know that family is a big part of your life…how do you balance work and family?

GOD… Family… Work… and in that order! Ha! I don’t compromise my relationship with GOD or my family they are first and foremost.  I respect work, as it is a means to provide.  I understood very early, that GOD is consistent. Family is a gift from GOD. When a member of that family departs this earth, that member can never be replaced, but the irony with work is, you can always get another job, another title to define you.  A job or a title does not define me, who I am at my core defines me and that definition is Love.


What advice would you give to the younger Pearl?

I would say to my younger self, Pearl, you are GOD’s Pearl! Your name was not given to you by mistake. You are valuable and carry so much worth. Always remember to Trust Him, trust GOD and His process. What He has for you will amaze you. Just stay your course Always stay true to yourself, stay pure! Love you first. You’re gonna love your life! Enjoy the ride but be mindful that there are lessons to be learned.


Can you give two facts about yourself that people would be surprised to know?

Oh gosh! I think people would be surprised to know that I’m daring

  • I’ve worked at Bad Boy Worldwide as Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs’ Assistant
  • I would traverse to the ends of the earth for those I love.

Thanks so much to Pearl for this interview…as always leave your comments below and share this article with someone you know.

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  • JJ
    January 19, 2017


  • AFG
    January 19, 2017

    Great interview.

  • Joanne G
    January 19, 2017

    Wow… I enjoyed this interview. . Pearl is such a beautiful soul and getting to know her a bit more is refreshing and inspiring.. I particularly loved her order of things as I too share the same sentiments… God.. Family.. Work.. in that order.. Love it!!
    Nice piece Kerdisha

  • erinlivelovelaugh
    January 31, 2017

    “I would traverse to the ends of the earth for those I love.”

    “I recognize change is an ever constant in our lives, something I am not fearful of.”

    – Love it!

    Wonderful interview!

  • Alyssa B
    June 11, 2017

    my role model (l)

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