#OneonOne ft. Kimara Hurtault

First off  I want to say a big thank you to all my readers for all the patience and support. I am super excited to be back with my #OneonOne series and can proudly say that through interaction with Kimara this will be an interview to touch all of your hearts.

–           Many people know about you either through your job at the Dominica Broadcasting Corporation or though your community work…if you had to define who is Kimara what would you say?

Kimara is just crazy (lol) No I’m just kidding. Kimara is a very self confident, determined, ambitious, free spirited, down to earth, no nonsense kind of woman and a people’s person. I am able to adapt to any situation…in other words throw me to the wolves and I will come out leading the pack.

I also love being surrounded by people who genuinely care and love me, so, because of that I am very family oriented and enjoy being in the company of good people especially the people in my community. I am a person of deep faith- “smile and pray “ that is what I always say. And I am someone who does not take no for an answer; if I want something I go after it and if I believe I can do something I will get it done to the best of my ability.


–           You have often been described as someone who does not sugar coat the truth or your opinion….have you always had that sense of confidence?

Sugar coating things is just not me. My parents (though not together) always taught me to speak out especially for what I believe in and what I stand for. Ever since I was a young girl I have always been that way and often people perceive that when I speak I may come across to some as vain, arrogant  or overly confident but that is not the case. I have a keen sense of who I am and where I want to go.

Maya Angelou said, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it”. I am passing this attitude down to my daughter as well.


–           You’re a mom of a very outgoing and outspoken young lady, how do you deal with raising a young adolescent and staying on top of your game?

This is soooo not easy to do, but I saw my mom do it with my sister and I and she made it look so easy. I love being a mom and maybe one day I will be blessed to be a mom again but for now I am just enjoying the moments with my daughter like how my mom and I used and still do. But for sure it is not easy. Managing being a mom, student of UWI, employed and still trying to come out smiling is something I  owe all to the almighty father. Ever since high school I have always been a girl who likes to be busy, keeping myself on my toes that sort of thing; so this prepared me for what was to come.

Like I said smile and pray is my ultimate strategy but then there is my support system. My family also keeps me going and I am so thankful I am blessed to have a family with 99.9% women lol. Meaning that most people in my family are strong women and we learned from each other.


–           What was it like moving from a talk show host, to a presenter and now a radio producer particularly in a field where most women don’t move up in so quickly?

Initially while growing up broadcasting was not what I wanted to do but Leroy ‘Wadix’ Charles saw something in me that I did not see in myself and gave me the opportunity. With the likes of other broadcasters like Ferdina Frampton, the late Ferdinand Frampton, Denise Joseph and others I grew into the broadcaster that I was destined to be.

It was not an easy road and if I had to tell you stories we would need more than just this article for it. But I count my blessings every day but more so I am thankful for the struggles I went through. They all helped shaped and moulded me  in the Kimara Hurtault that you hear today.

–           A night with a star has become quite an influential program where did you get the inspiration to create it?

I remember in high school we were given to write about an  influential woman in our lives and every one wrote about well known women who have contributed significantly in our society and the world; but I decided to write about my mother because she is my biggest role model.

Following that I told myself we have enough talented and well respected individuals here in our own country who have contributed a lot and these are the people who need to be highlighted for their efforts whether it be artists, poets, single mothers and the list goes. We have our own local heroes right here in our backyard often going unnoticed. And our young people need to know them and their accomplishments.


–           Many people may not know that you participated in the 2003 Miss Dominica Pageant. Tell us about your experience during that competition.

WOW… there we go hmmmmm. You know I have not spoken much about the pageant because of not just the outcome but the experience. Many people sometimes take the opportunity to remind me of my mistakes during that show just to bring me down but I just smile. Why, you may ask? Well for one maybe winning that title was not God’s plan for me and also because of the experience I was able to guide to my daughter during her own competition.


I never allow my mistakes to keep me down, I fell, I got up, brushed off and moved on that is exactly what happened. Did it ever prevent me from accomplishing what I had to? NO! And it will never it will always be a lesson learnt. But overall I did enjoy the journey and made some good friends along the way.


–     You received an award in leadership in 2014 at the national youth awards…what was your reaction to receiving this award?

Oh yes I did but I also won Youth in Media the year before. Though I am one to always to do my best at whatever task I undertake being rewarded for it was unexpected. Both awards mean a lot to me and I am thankful to the people who nominated me and those who voted and awarded me these two awards.

I do not do anything in life looking for recognition or awards, I often say “ when man rate you, they strip you off but when God rates you, you are well rated! I have a big heart and everything I do I do it because I have a passion for it.


–           Who would you say has been the biggest influence in your life?

Have you  been listening? Hehehe that would be without a doubt my mom. This lady is just so awesome. And every time I think about all the things she has done to help me get where I am today there is not enough thank you’s or flowers, days at the spa and so on to ever show my appreciation for her.


I love her so much I do not think she has a clue. I remember coming home from school one day crying because girls I called my friends teased me about my eyes being big. That memorable day she taught me the lessons of accepting who you are and loving who you are and to always remember that the opinions of others don’t matter.

Funny enough these days I always hear “I love your eyes” and I just smile. Oh and she is my best friend but do not tell Melisha my cousin she tend to get jealous when she hears that hehehe.


–           If you could do anything over at the beginning of your career what would it be and if not why not?

Absolutely, nothing. I have learned that we all make plans for ourselves but God is the one who decides the paths and directions we go. I would not change or do anything over again. Not the people who came into my life or events that took place as well. They all served their purpose and that is to get me to be me.


–           Can you give three facts about yourself that people would be surprised to know?

I would have to kidnap you after…. lol. Hmmm I am not sure what to say when I think most people already know the kind of person I am and I am sort of like I am an open book but lets see hmmmm.

  • Oh ok I can be a clown because I just love to laugh and make people laugh,
  • I am a mommy’s girl for sure
  • and oh yes I am spoilt. Lol
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  • Janillia
    April 14, 2017

    Beautiful interview. The greatest response6

  • Okang
    April 14, 2017

    Wow she is an awesome young lady and am proud to call her cuz. Keep on growing cuz.

  • Annette Green
    May 13, 2017

    Lovely interview. I love the attitude that she has expressed. Life’s experiences, whether good or bad are what make us who we are. Stay blessed and positive always.

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