Bold.Powerful.Golden Leanne Morancie -Miss Legacy International 2017

Leanne Morancie originally hails from the the community of Grand Bay. She attended the Goodwill Primary School and also the Convent Preparatory and High School before migrating to Houston, Texas at the age of 12. Now 26, she is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Communications. Most significantly Leanne is the current Miss Legacy International 2017 crowned on May 7th in Kingston, Jamaica.


The Miss Legacy International Pageant is the brainchild of Jamaica native and CEO of the Roushelle Reign Creative Consultant Agency, Ms. Roushelle ‘Reign’ Green.

Green created the Miss Legacy International Pageant to build a sisterhood of leadership while highlighting beauty and the philanthropic efforts of the respected competitors.

When asked what first sparked her interest in participating in the show, Leanne stated, “I had just recently participated in the 2016 Miss Caribbean United States Pageant hosted in New York City and was presented the opportunity. You see, Legacy comes from the Latin verb, legare “to appoint by a last will, send as an ambassador.” My inner self was ready. I knew that with or without capturing the title, this experience was mine for the taking and I was to make the best of this opportunity.”

In addition to the prestigious accolade, Leanne also snagged the Miss Photogenic title, and was awarded for Best National Costume, and Best Empowerment Platform- F.L.Y. (First. Love. Yourself), which focuses on youth empowerment and development through the Fine Arts.


As to her most memorable experience during the show, Leanne says, “Jamaica was so amazing, filled with so many vivid, once-in-a-lifetime moments. Coronation night of course became the night of my dreams! I especially enjoyed my appearance at the Ardenne High School. These students were so filled of light. Their passion for the fine arts illuminated the entire compound. My visit to the National Museum of Jamaica and the famous Emancipation Park was also remarkable. But, should I be honest Jamaica won my heart with the food.”

Leanne likes to consider her definition of success to be unorthodox. “To me, it means continual growth and an expansion of happiness. As an individual my character is my destiny.  For my organizations and businesses, culture is destiny. I strive to be fully immersed in my work. By loving myself, loving what I do and loving how I do it. Success is not only about money and power. *Peace of Mind, Wisdom, Well Being, Wonder and Giving* I call these my flight mode activators to success.”

As the reigning Miss Legacy International, Morancie will be able to serve as an ambassador for Dominica, and all Caribbean islands. Her royal court consists of 1st runner up and Miss Congeniality, Miss Stacy Ann Nelson of Jamaica and 2nd runner up Reshonda Mason of Canada.  Teresa Dias of St. Kitts and Nevis and Natalie Henry of Haiti also vied for the title.

“My role as an ambassador for Dominica and all the Caribbean Islands comes with great responsibility. As Miss Legacy International I am able to cultivate young minds and teach them to F.L.Y. {First. Love. Yourself.} a motto I personally live by. Through Crowned Confidence workshops there are a few charitable organizations that we at Miss Legacy plan to work alongside during my reign. I will also continue to use my company to be the bridge that connects young critical thinkers to various resources around the world. And as Miss Humanity, It is my goal to continue to be a creative influence for a new generation of entrepreneurs in the Caribbean,” said Leanne.


Communications Director of Miss Legacy International Lij Tafari Smith says, “Leanne’s performance in the pageant was undeniably impressive. I remember greeting her at the airport and she was ready to compete from the introduction. She had a glow that oozed through her personality & smile and of course that same glow was evident in all that she did in the week of competition. Leanne was poised but it never stopped her from being the most colourful, expressive and outgoing of all the girls. They all competed at an extremely high standard but without a doubt, I could safely say she set the bar and is a true epitome of love, empowerment and selflessness. Leanne has embodied and continues to embody what Miss Legacy International represents. The Jamaican people received her quite well. Both on our excursions and on the night of coronation. The actual truth is, people here still recognize and love her.”


In speaking to her friend and business partner Chelsea Williams she says, Leanne gave every bit of who she is and what she stands for throughout that entire journey, in being titled Miss Legacy International 2017. As a team we knew this was not going to be a smooth sailing experience, but we had to fly no matter the turbulence. Leanne kept relaxed, maintained her composure, listened to music and just straight up aligned herself for the test of her journey. When it was time to hit that stage, regardless of backstage minor nerves which all the queens experienced, Leanne remained selfless. Not thinking twice in extending assistance to the other ladies and yet hit the stage and PERFORMED! Each round with so much grace, strength and resilience like she wasn’t just overwhelmed a few seconds ago. It amazed me even more to witness that transfer of energy to the audience from her stage presence. Everyone saw this fearless Golden Lady, as I do and the response was barrier-breaking supportive! No form of bias actions, just straight up genuine love from the Jamaicans.

Results didn’t have to tell me my Friend, Business Partner and Soul Sister won that night, because I saw her growth both internally and externally.

And as someone who knows her worth, I want her to continue and go beyond in teaching our youth and upcoming generation to always F.L.Y. (First. Love. Yourself.). Life isn’t easy and she can tell you and show you at first hand, but she is an epitome of a true Queen. Not allowing any struggles to keep her down, but growing through them. Learning from them and not being afraid of being judged because her path is different, as all of ours are.”


But Leanne’s journey to success has not been an easy one, “I am an advocate for rape, sexually assaulted victims because I too have been raped. I am a voice for homelessness because I too have been homeless. I resonate highly with persons with impaired mobility because I too have been told by doctors “you may not be able to dance again”. There were moments when I truly believed I was abandoned, hopeless and alone in this world. Unfortunately, that lead to many suicidal thoughts and the darkest moments in my life. However today, I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything in this world. I also wouldn’t trade the people who loved and cared for me in my times of need.”

She does contribute her strong will and character to her unshakeable support system,“As cliché as this may sound, my parents had significant impact on my life. Although I was not born into wealth or had a head start like many other individuals, my parents always encouraged me to strive towards greatness. My Father, Evarus Morancie is my best friend. My love for music, cooking, and all things creative stemmed from my father’s influence. My determination and will for success has greatly been influenced by my Mother, Leah Jules. The nurturing aspect of my character however is a direct influence of my Grandmother and Step-mother, Theresa and Dale Morancie.”


Leanne now has her eyes set on future pageants, including the 2018 Miss University of the Virgin Islands Ambassadorial Pageant and the I Am Every Woman Pageant based in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.

I plan to continue my Legacy of “firsts”. The University of The Virgin Islands is the only historically black college and university in the Caribbean. Although my 3rd  pageant was a charm, I hope to accomplish more personal goals by participating in the 2018 Miss UVI Ambassadorial Pageant. Free tuition is definitely an incentive to compete! But as a current student of the University, I have detected many areas I would love to contribute and be an asset to. With the Eastern Caribbean students in mind, winning this competition would allow me various opportunities to network in the U.S. Virgin Islands along with other Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the United States.”

When asked what advice she would give to a younger Leanne she says, “LEANNE GO FOR IT! Confidence is made not born. Instead of letting big picture thinking happen on its own, Schedule it!”

As to the philosophy or value that she holds dearest in life Leanne says, “First Love Yourself. Be Holy as You Are and Stay Golden.”

Three facts about Leanne that people would be surprised to know:

1)         I have travelled to 11 states and 11 countries and counting,

2)         I own more crystals than I have friends; and

3)         I am Venus – Goddess of Love.

**Leanne Morancie is CEO of Leanne Lutterness LLC. She is a registered Tantric Yoga Instructor soon to acquire her Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications & minor in Dance.




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