#FeatureFriday Ft Rianna Patterson

Introduce yourself: (Name, age, location, what you do) share as much as you feel comfortable with.*
My name is Rianna Patterson, I am 19 years old from Picard and I am the founder of the Dominica Dementia Foundation.

What made you go natural? How long have you been natural?

I have always been ridiculed for being natural, that my natural hair wasn’t “soft” enough, in truth, it really wasn’t and it came to a point it was unmanageable, together with the negative feedback,this made me accept the fact that my natural hair wasn’t the best.

At a very tender age I permed my hair and remained so ever since, but as I got older I realized that perm wasn’t the best for me, yeah it looked nice and was accepted by my pears, but was this really me?

I felt better about myself but to some degree it wasn’t my thing. I bgan to miss my natural hair, with all its coils and knots, that was me! and so October 2015 I stopped perming my hair for good!



Describe your hair. (texture, behavior, thickness, etc)

Currently, it is still 4c hair but much more softly and it is still very thick and moist

What is your monthly routine for caring for your hair? (What products and practices do you use?)

I wash my hair with Aunt Jackie’s so clean shampoo, then I use a Cantu leave in and moisturize with Aunt Jackie’s oil, I also detangle my hair in the shower, sometimes I use argan oil as well.

I had a bad habit of constantly playing with my hair, now I only touch it when I have to style it.

I also use shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie for twist outs, I wrap my hair every night with a silk scarf.


What does being natural mean to you?

It means freedom! it means beauty, and strength

Do you use any heat on your hair? (Why or why not?)

No. In the past, heat really broke my hair and so now I hardly use heat in my hair, after I shampoo my hair I twist it and let it dry on its own.

Do you do any protective styling? If so how often and what are some of your favorite styles?

My hair is either in cornrows or twists, I weaved my hair a lot but that was only for my transitioning stage.

What is the hardest part about being natural? What is your favorite thing about being natural?

Sometimes it will get really dry when the temperature is very humid but I love the diversity, there is so many styles one can do with natural hair

What is your favorite hairstyle?

I love buns.

Who is/are your hair crush(s)?

I would say.. lol..Naputral85 on youtube, that lady hair is goals!

Do you have any funny hair stories? What’s the most outrageous thing someone has said about your kinks?

“Your hair so hard you can scrub pans with it”‘ “steel wool” the rest I really had to suppress it lol..

What is one piece of advice you have for other people who want to start embracing their kinks?

You are doing this for you! it is your journey! they will be days you want to give up but remember the reason you started the journey and how far you came!

Do you have any sites or social media accounts you would like people to contact or follow you on?

instagram: _stayinginmalane
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