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Welcome back to my blog loves!!! So in order to promote more bloggers and youtubers i’ve decided to start a features segment on my blog where persons can get featured and share more their platform. My first feature will be of the beautiful Janelle Martin of Simply me Jah-nette.

Introduce yourself to us:
Hey Lovelies! I’m Jah-nette, a 23 years old (well.. almost!) Caribbean student currently residing in Europe. I’m also a recent natural hair blogger and Youtuber and I personally love meeting new people 🙂
What made you go natural? How long have you been natural? Big chop or transition (and why)?
Although I do not regret doing it, I did not go back natural because “I wanted to feel better about myself” or to follow the trend. I did so because moving into Europe’s cold weather damaged my relaxed hair and I did not have the choice. I’ve been natural for 2 years and six months. I did the BC back in 2013 because I could not deal with the two different textures at the same time.
Describe your hair. (texture, behavior, thickness, etc)
My hair is what many would quality as 4b/4c but I have three different textures. I don’t really like to say that my hair is thick but rather dense. I have a lot of hair but my strands are medium (neither fine nor coarse).
What is your monthly routine for caring for your hair? What products and practices do you use?
My routine is simple: hot oil treatment overnight, shampoo, deep condition and style every week using the LCO method. I recently added rice water as my final rinse in my weekly routine and I am loving it. If needed, I would do an ACV rinse and an oil rinse depending on how my hair feels. Throughout the week -if needed also- I would spritz my hair with water, apply an oil and finish up with a leave in conditioner  or my shea butter mix to seal in the moisture (LCO). Once a month I would do a protein treatment.
Concerning my products, I like trying new things so I switch it up quite often. My top hair products would have to be Dudu Osun Black Soap, olive oil, coconut oil, my DIY avocado deep conditioner, my DIY shea butter mix and Monoi Oil Leave in conditioner.
What does being natural mean to you?
Being natural to me means embracing the body God gave you which includes your hair. Being natural to me goes beyond hair only.
Do you use any heat on your hair? Why or why not?
I do use heat on my hair twice a year when I do my length checks.
Do you do any protective styling? If so how often and what are some of your favorite styles?
I do weekly protective styles (low manipulation) and my favorite style would have to be a bun or chunky twists. The only time I wear protective styles for a longer period of time, would have to be during summer and it’s either box braids or crochet yarn.
What is the hardest part about being natural?
The hardest part of being natural is finding the products that works for your hair type and having other people accept you just the way you are.
What is your favorite hairstyle?
My favourite hairstyle is crochet yarn or buns.
Who is/are your hair crush(s)?
I do not have any hair crush. Everybody’s hair is worth being embraced and I do not favour anyone above someone else.
Do you have any funny hair stories? What’s the most outrageous thing someone has said about your kinks?
I can recall having lunch with one of my classmates at the beginning of school and while we were having lunch together she told me: “You would look really pretty if your hair was straight. I have African friends and they always straighten their hair to wear weave”. I did not answer lol I simply smiled and shook my head.
What is one piece of advice you have for other people who want to start embracing their kinks?
I would say to not compare your hair or journey to anyone else, have realistic expectations and be patient.
Do you have any sites or social media accounts you would like people to contact or follow you on?
I do. I have a blog were I share my natural hair journey, DIY’s, vlogs & more. I am also present on other Social Medias (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.) : https://jahnettem.wordpress.com/socialmedia/
Thanks to Kerdisha for featuring me on her blog and thank YOU for taking the time to read it!
Hoping to see you on my social medias if you have any further questions xoxo
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