#Feature Friday ft. Lien Philogene-Norville

There’s nothing I love more than when a Naturalista embraces her kinky hair. Please welcome today’s #Feature Friday, Lien!



Introduce yourself: (Name, age, location, what you do) share as much as you feel comfortable with.*
My name is Lien Philogene- Norville, a 29 year old mother of a phenomenal 5 year old daughter and wife. I am an aspiring certified chartered accountant and financial analyst and also a freelance makeup artist and stylist.

I love beauty, fashion and everything that goes along with it. My goals in life are geared towards uplifting others, especially women, and make people comfortable in their own skin, with my added touch of course.
I own a small cosmetology business, which is a makeup studio & beauty bar. Although its in its commencement stages and home based for now, I have a vision that my company will grow and will benefit a lot of women and young girls in the future. I also have a website which is in the works. You can always check it out www.makeupbyharmoni.com.
This entire process that I am involved with, in terms of establishing my business, has given me a great sense of pride as I am doing everything solely.

I created my website, came up with the business name, prepared my own business plan, designed my business cards, organizational structure, etc
And that’s the pride and appreciation I want to share with others and uplift them and encourage them that’s its never easy but always worth it.


What made you go natural? How long have you been natural?
I have been natural for about 4 years now, I did the big chop in 2014, and then it grew back and I did another big chop last year December and again in May of this year.

I wanted to go natural because I wanted to embrace my natural curly hair which I love as well as set that form of example to my daughter that its ok to embrace your self as God made you and be happy with that.


Describe your hair. (texture, behavior, thickness, etc)
My hair is just wonderful (if I do say so myself). Its extremely curly, soft and think and grows very quickly i must say with little to no effort on my part whatsoever.


What is your monthly routine for caring for your hair? (What products and practices do you use?)
I am as simple as they come. my daily routine consists of wet/wash , gel and go pretty much. Once a month I would deep condition. I normally use Eco Styler, but on a budget, I would go for the Kings gel.


What does being natural mean to you?
Being natural to me means embracing one self as created by God. It means that I should not and wont be afraid to be who I am.


Do you use any heat on your hair? (Why or why not?)
No I do not.


Do you do any protective styling? If so how often and what are some of your favorite styles?
On occasion I would throw on a wig once in a while. Its funny, my mom tells me she prefers to see me with long hair. I guess as she is accustomed of my length in the past. My favorite style is actually box braids.


What is the hardest part about being natural? What is your favorite thing about being natural?
The hardest part about being natural is the maintenance especially when its short although for me its little to no maintenance. My favorite thing is the time it saves me especially in the mornings.


What is your favorite hairstyle?
Slick ponytail.


Who is/are your hair crush(s)?
My hair crush on You Tube is Queen Naija & The Glam Twinz.


Do you have any funny hair stories? What’s the most outrageous thing someone has said about your kinks?
Not really about my kinks but someone recently told me they like my edges.


What is one piece of advice you have for other people who want to start embracing their kinks?
Go for it. Its a great feeling and of course if you need any advice on how to even start, you can contact me.


Do you have any sites or social media accounts you would like people to contact or follow you on?
You can follow me on instagram @neilo_mua
I will be creating a facebook fan page soon to promote my business and connect with everyone interested in women empowerment.
I also have a you tube channel but haven’t been uploading because I am missing a few equipment .
I haven’t set up any other social media accounts as yet for my business or personally but will in the near future

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