Five MUST HAVE Lipsticks for Women of Color

Hi guys hope you all are doing well. Today’s post is somewhat tailored to those women who aren’t as makeup savy as they want to be but still want to have a grasp of the basics. We’re going to talk about my five must have lippy colors for women of color that you NEED to have in your inventory.

1- Red

Mac Red

Mac Red

Yes ladies I’m hitting you with a classic. I kid you not when I tell you that NO other lipstick shade has me feeling like a seductress/international woman of mystery than red lipstick. Not only does it show up AMAZINGLY on dark skin tones it literally ups your entire look by 100000000%.


Mac mauve

Mac mauve


I know what your thinking and yes you can do a nude as a woman as color without looking hella ashy. introducing mauve, the color that’s not quite brown and not quite nude a perfect lipstick for when you want to be effortless or in need of lipstick and you’re in a rush. Just grab this and your good to go.(I’ts a must have in my purse)

3- Dark Brown/Chestnut/Mahogany


I LOVEEE a dark lip. I don’t quite know what it is about dark brown lipstick but I’ve got it BADDD. I swear there was an entire month where I wore nothing but. But getting back to this lol. Dark lipstick not only compliments dark skin but its a timeless look. Got a date night? This is your cherry on the cake.


4- Rose Pink



My sistas my sistas… if you’re gonna do pink then there’s no better pink than rose-pink. Not only is it not as harsh on dark skin as regular pink but topped with a gloss it softens up your features like nobody’s business. Great for work or a casual day out.


5- Deep Purple



Can you say slayyyyy!!!!! This color gives me sooo much life you guys. A deep rich purple is


on dark skin. not only does it bring out the cool undertones but to me it just SCREAMS ‘ I am here and i am FIERCE’. Great for a club night or special events.

And that’s my list of must have lip colors for women of color. let me know what you think and what are your fave lip colors ( dark skin or not).

Lots of love!!!!!!





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