5 Black Bloggers to Know #MelaninMonday

Can you believe that we are already in the second week of August? How time flies. So far for this month I can definitely see myself sticking to the goals I set in my HELLO AUGUST  post and putting self motivation at the fore. Part of my plan to stick with the self motivation is gaining motivation from other bloggers.


The Organic Journey


First up is The Organic Journey by Taffy Msipa. I recently started following this blog and have absolutely  no regrets.  This travel blog showcases the 22 year old’s love for adventure, food and new interactions.

Although her posts are  relatively few and far between what I really love about this blog is the amazing pictures as well as the engaging way that Taffy interacts with her readers through her writing. You almost feel as if you are there as well experiencing what she is, along with her.  Check out her Instagram for gorgeous pictures of her travels across the world.





Next up the TheMariaAntoinette. Now if this name looks familiar it’s because I featured her in this post highlighting 10 brown-skinned beauty bloggers taking the world by storm. What I enjoy most about Maria’s blog is that she is for the every woman.

She is a licensed cosmetologist whose work has ended up everywhere from the screen to print media. Her blog entails fashion, natural hair, DIY,  beauty and much more. She also has some amazing contributors to her blog. Her youtube channel is also filled with great content and most recently she has launched her very own app.




You can say I have an obsession with LisaALaMode and you will be right. There is nothing that I love other than coming home, taking a nice shower, grabbing something to eat and then proceeding to see what is new on my favorite blog.

Lisa’s content is always fresh and trending and her personal posts bring the realness to my life. Not only is it a plus because she has Caribbean Roots (Haiti) but she also has a background in Journalism from Sarah Lawrence College’s Writing program. What I enjoy most about reading her work (and that of her contributors) is the no holds barred approach that they have. Be sure to give her Youtube channel and  Instagram a look too.




As someone who prides myself in being A #Carefreeislandgirl as well as #Unbothered it was only natural for me to come to admire Gabrielle of Unbothered Style. Currently a 21 year old college graduate from Texas, she began her blog as an outlet for her creative and technology loving alter ego. Unbothered style was a place  for her to express her daily thoughts hopes and dreams.

What I love most about this blog is its clean style and innovative approach to her blog posts. Her content ranges from beauty, to fashion, personal topics as well as her faith. She also has a wicked sense of humor too. Find her Instagram here.


Island Girl on A Mission


This one hits very close to home. Mostly because like myself  Lyndel Paris of IGOAM is an island girl from the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, Dominica. An aspiring vegan and minimalist, she decided to start writing a blog because of her love for writing.

What I enjoy most about reading IGOAM is the fresh perspectives she gives in each post. Not only can you relate to her posts her content appeals to all readers. Her content ranges from beauty, to personal thoughts to her travel experiences. Relatively new to the blogging scene, I cant wait to see what else she has in store.


Let me know some of the Blogs that you have been enjoying in the comments below!!




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