5 Affordable Highlighters for Brown Girls #Friday Faves

There’s nothing that makes my day quite like causing some eye damage thanks to the fierce highlight on my face. Today I’ll be sharing some of my favorite highlighters that are both affordable and brown girl friendly.


First up on the list is one everyone has been raving about and it is the L.A Girl strobe lite Powder in the color 100 WATT. Now if you  don’t know I have a love of L.A Girl products and I am an avid user of their concealers as seen in my A Minimalist Approach to Makeup post.

This powder is super pigmented and a little goes a long way. Upon the first swatch it is not too impressive but I like a product that can be built up. This means it has more versatility in my opinion. If you’re someone who likes a very finely milled highlight, this may not be for you. I personally don’t find any issue with it. If you happen to have textured skin this will exaggerate those issues, so definitely keep that in mind.

Price: $25 ec




Next up is the Wet and Wild Highlighting Powder. This powder is one which is currently taking the makeup world by storm. This is a very pigmented rose gold-ish highlighter. It’s buttery to the touch. The packaging is minimal but it’s okay to me because it’s so cheap, I’d rather pay for product than packaging, and I do think the floral imprint is cute. The one thing I immediately liked about the product was the fact that you couldn’t see chunks of glitter. Or any glitter for that matter.

$13 ec




If you have never heard about the Magic of the the Ruby Kisses Bronzer/Highlighter in in Deep Glow i’m about to educate you. This product comes in a bronzy gold color with a yellow/ warm undertone  with a powdery but pressed formula and has a rough but glittery look.

It is very pigmented and a just one swatch goes a long way, it applies really smoothly on the skin and because of its pigmentation, it can really highlight the skin. For women of color, the bronze glow shade is lovely if you are going for that bronze- glowy look. The staying power is a 7/10 as it depends on the method of application you use. But be warned there is a lot of fall out.

$10 ec




Milani has been a makeup fave for as long as i can remember as seen again in my minimal makeup post. There is nothing that gives you such a natural glow quite like this highlight.

It is a light-medium, peachy gold with warm undertones and a metallic sheen. It had good pigmentation that applied evenly to bare skin, blended out easily, and did not emphasize my skin’s natural texture. The consistency was soft without being powdery, smooth, and diffused as I applied it in a way that made application effortless. It can also be built up by scratching the surface.

$27 ec




Finally we have the NYX liquid illuminator’s. Now normally I usually stick with my powder highlighters but sometimes when the need to be extra arrives I pull out a liquid highlighter and the effect is BLINDING.

Even though my skin type is oily, I don’t feel and I don’t notice an excessive shine to my skin when I use this product. If I want a subtle highlight, I get a little on my fingertips and gently press it to the areas that I wish to highlight (inner corner of my eye, cheekbones, chin, and cupid’s bow) with my beauty sponge. If I want an extreme highlight, I simply spray my brush with a little of the “Matte Finishing Spray” and use the product in a little wetter state. I have noticed that it is a little difficult to blend into the skin in a drier state, but working with a little product at a time helps.



What are some of your favorite affordable highlighters? Let me know in the comments below.




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  • Shaquilla Alexander
    August 5, 2017

    Great tips! Will defo have a look at some of these products! Thanks 🙂

  • Ginger Mom
    August 6, 2017

    I am jealous! My skin is so pasty white its almost irridescent and if I use anything, it ends up looking painted on. Great post 🙂 love your suggestions!

  • Fashionable Librarian
    August 6, 2017

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful products. I am always interested in any makeup that will work best with my complexion.

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