Costume Designers of the Caribbean

The carnival spirit is still alive as the region will observe St.Thomas, St.Maarten and Jamaica carnivals upcoming in the next few months. A huge part of carnival is the costume bands that revelers enjoy, but without the people who work tirelessly to design these costumes there would be no costume bands. A few designers were able ...

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February Favorites

We can all agree that the month of February was one that seemed endless but thankfully March has finally come and we are on to the third month of the year. I have several items that I enjoyed for the month of February. Skincare In my January Favorites post I mentioned my Mason Vitamin E cream which I ...

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January Favorites

I'm so happy to come to you with my favorites for the month of January which felt like it lasted forever. A good thing about this month however, was the fact that I got to try some new products some of which are definitely going into my staples stash. View post

Hysteria Mas- The Ultimate Carnival Experience

Following, their return to Dominica after completing university Geida Seaman and Kiyana Edwards felt like their Dominica Carnival experience could be much improved taking into consideration their experiences of other carnivals across the world. According to Geida, “If I experienced this somewhere else why can’t I experience it in Dominica". View post

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DIY Toner Water #MelaninMonday

Many people don’t realize it but the secret to great skin can be something as simple as caring for your skin with natural products. Whether your skin is oily, dry, sensitive or normal, we all know that keeping your face clean is extremely important in skin care. Having a basic skin care regimen and learning your ...